Reinventing Elder Living

With Smart AI Technology

Smart Home Assistance

Zemplee ‘s world class advanced technology is designed with your elders in mind. Sensors placed strategically in homes or independent living units track daily living activities so you can monitor their wellbeing from a distance. Sensor-based systems are non-intrusive. Unlike a video or voice-based monitoring system, there is no compromise on privacy. AI powered application intelligently distinguish between a normal occurring incident and distress scenarios and keeps family members notified. A companion mobile app gives you access to real time status about dining habits, medication intake, activity level, sleep patterns and other important details.

Round The Clock Care

Get care when you can’t be there. Zemplee’s round the clock monitoring gives you the ability to supplement your time or caregiver’s time, while not compromising on the quality of care. 24/7 coverage ensures there is always someone in the loop and your elders are being taken care of.

Peace of Mind

Independence without interference. Give your elderly the lifestyle they desire and deserve. Create Care Circles with members including family, friends, neighbors or even caregivers. With real time access to your elder’s activity and instant access to resources from your trusted care circles, you can rest assured that care arrives for your elderly in a timely manner.

Product Features

4 Types of Sensors

24/7 Monitoring

Daily Activity Chart


Home Care Agencies

Improve quality of care. 

Grow your business.

Supplement caregiver time through tech assisted care.

CCCRs & Assisted Living

Pre-emptive and preventive care.

Deeper family involvement through passive monitoring and improved quality of care 


Stay in the know with our innovative monitoring technology.

Go on with your lives, knowing your loved ones are safe and happy.

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