Lifting Face Mask Restrictions Are Causing Anxiety in Many Seniors

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August 19, 2022


Throughout the nation, states are steadily lifting face mask restrictions these past few months. There is not a single state in the country that requires you to wear a mask when out in public; however, they may ask you to wear a mask in certain environments such as hospitals and other high-risk areas. While the CDC does recommend that people over the age of two should wear a mask in public transportation, there is no federal mandate. However, many people are uneasy due to the result of governments lifting face mask restrictions. A viral clip circulated the internet earlier this year of travelers rejoicing and throwing their masks away on a flight after being told they no longer need to wear a mask on domestic flights. This caused outrage from some passengers who had lost their sense of safety mid flight. 

Has the virus gone?

Dr. William Schaffner spoke to Healthline and had this to say, “It’s clear that COVID is receding, but it’s not gone, and it never will be gone. Even if we move from pandemic to epidemic, it will be as though we have a truce with the virus.” Dr. Schaffner admitted that for those who are young and healthy, the lifting of face mask restrictions is not that great of a concern. Unfortunately, those who are immunocompromised or face underlying conditions are still at high risk if they contract COVID-19. 

The anxiety people feel about removing their mask is understandable. Even though seniors always have the option to continue to wear their mask, they still may feel uneasy around those who opt to forego their mask. This anxiety limits their options. Seniors who are concerned about Covid  can choose either to stay in their home or feel anxious in public spaces. We want to assure you that there is nothing wrong with continuing to wear a mask if you are concerned about contracting Covid. 

What can you do to feel safe?

There are some steps, according to Healthline, that you can take if you would like to go without your mask but are unsure on how to proceed. Understanding anxiety and anxiety’s physical symptoms is one the first steps. Anxiety is complex and seeking out therapy to help cope is a good idea. Of course, getting vaccinated or a second booster vaccine is another way that seniors may feel more secure. Keeping up with the CDC and their steady release of knowledge will help seniors prepare with appropriate measures. There is nothing wrong with either slowly choosing to remove your mask or simply keeping it on. 

The mask provides an undeniable sense of security. It is okay to feel anxiety around the subject matter of removing your mask. Don’t forget to do what is best for yourself. If continuing to wear a mask is how you feel safe, then continue to do so. Safety is the most important thing, especially when it comes to your health. 

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